The Legacy of NWA Essay

The Legacy of NWA Essay

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During the 80s a controversial group of rappers came together and changed the game of Hip Hop for generations to come. Niggas with Attitude, otherwise known as N.W.A, was comprised of the rappers; Ice Cube, MC Ren, Easy E, Yella, and Dr. Dre. Theses rappers spoke the truth about life in the streets; the hustling, the trapping, the sexual encounters, the gang life, and the most important, the racism. They shined a light on these issues in a violent, sexually explicit, yet intelligent and revolutionary way. The Facebook page, *N.W.A* creates an environment that connects people of all races, backgrounds, and ages; with the goal of immortalizing, and spreading the original message of the group.
How does one pay homage to such a great and revolutionary legacy? The most common way that this Facebook page seems to achieve this goal is to post portion of lyrics from various albums, sometimes they state where that verse is from and sometimes they don’t. One can tell the true fans of the group, because not only do they comment the title of the song, they list which album it is from and continue on with the next verse. What makes this type of homage so special is when viewers look through the comments and view the profiles of the people who comment on the posts. Members are able to notice how different each person is from the next. On March 31, 2010 someone posted, “Fuck the police comin’ straight from the underground young nigga got it bad cause I’m brown, and not the other color so police think they have authority to kill a minority…”(Post 1) One comment that exemplifies the diversity of fans is one made from a Caucasian woman in her mid-forties. She commented saying, “This is something to make me see the world in a new way...

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...e I'm a teenager. “Fuck Tha Police lyrics.” ” Facebook. N.p. 31 Mar 2010. Web. 5 Nov 2013

Post 2. Bodonyi, Tiina. “This was something to make me see the world in a new way. Born and raised in Finland, Europe, this album that I got from a friend woke me up. I think it should be mandatory for all the people in Europe to listen to this album. This album is revolutionary, just like all the best art has always been: revealing the truth.” Facebook. N.p. 31 Mar 2010. Web. 5 Nov 2013

Post 3.*N.W.A*. “Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me? Because police always wanna harass me every time that I'm rollin. They swear up and down that the car was stolen, Make me get faced down in the street. They throw the s**t out my car on the concrete front of a residence A million white motherf**kers on my back like I shot the President.” Facebook. N.p. 12 July 2009. Web. 5 Nov 2013

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