The History Of Hip Hop Culture

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Through the progression of the last several decades, Hip Hop has transformed into a culture and artistic phenomenon that has impacted youth culture throughout society. Hip Hop and the academia surrounding the culture reflects the social, cultural, political, and historic truths of the hip hop generation, speaking to these young individuals in a dialect that they understand. The studies of the hip hop culture influence society to understand the perspectives that are not necessarily considered to be traditional within a standard curriculum. Gail Hilson Woldu, author of “The Kaleidoscope of Writing on Hip Hop Studies,” emphasizes the importance of cultural theory, urban history, and black feminism in the study of Hip Hop and its influence over…show more content…
The cultural theory helps expand the knowledge of “hip hop” as an idea and influence on society. Mark Anthony Neal discusses the development of the understanding of hip hop by dissecting the layers and complexities of the culture, “Hip-hop music and culture emerged as a narrative and stylistic distillation of African-American youth sensibilities in the late 1970s,” within What the Music Said (Woldu 18). Urban history is a large, yet vital characteristic throughout the study of hip hop and its progression; Russell Potter shows how critical the representation of black musical expression and the “history of vernacular speech” is for the hip hop community in his book, Spectacular Vernaculars (Woldu 19). As decades pass and the hip hop scene expands, the history of this culture becomes influenced by more historical movements and creations. However, that is not the only historical significance that runs deep within the hip hop culture. The history and influence of the black feminist movement within the hip hop scene became a demanding characteristic in the development of the hip hop culture. As the gender divide became an evident aspect through the hip hop generation, women, especially female rappers,…show more content…
These characteristics have evolved into influential aspects that have shaped the culture and identity of the hip hop generation. As these characteristics evolve, so does the entire hip hop academia; during the mid 2000’s, many professionals and scholars within the field had deemed Hip Hop studies to be a field that “encompasses sociology, anthropology, communication studies, religious studies, cultural studies, critical race theory, missiological studies, and psychology in a multidisciplinary area of study” (The Hip in Hip Hop 9). Overall, as the hip hop culture progressed over the decades, so did the academic field in which society emphasized as an influential and important aspect of the
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