The Learning Styles Of Girls And Boys Essay

The Learning Styles Of Girls And Boys Essay

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Everyone has an opinion on the learning styles of girls and boys. Lawmakers, educators, parents, and community leaders all desire to see students succeed in the academic arena and gender schooling is on the rise in public, private, charter and magnet schools. Consequently, many parents believe single-sex classes are beneficial to learning because students are free of distractions from members of the opposite sex. Single sex classes enhance opportunities for the development and refinement of leadership skills. Students are free to compete more aggressively on a single gender competitive playing field with an abandonment of prejudice and disregard for traditional stereotypical male/female identity roles. Will the implementation of a single gender, education classes increase proficiency in learning? Do the differences in male and female interest necessitate a different learning environment? Can the twenty-first-century learners thrive better in a cultural environment with less bullying, detentions, suspensions and student plagued insecurities? The purpose of this paper is to explore the pros and cons of separate classes for males and females and examine the perspectives of adolescent girls, teachers, and minority groups.
The article, BENEFITS BEYOND ACHIEVEMENT? A Comparison of Academic Attitudes and School Satisfaction for Adolescent Girls in Single Gender and Coeducational Classrooms by Laura C. Hart 's documents the scholastic journey of 109 sixth grade girls in single-gender, rural public school classroom program and mixed gendered classes over a three-year period. The research compares the experiences of highly skilled three teacher teams that rotates instruction in a voluntary single-gender girls and boys...

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... Jones, and Spielhagen, agree that single-sex education classes can be considered an optional and useful tool for educating male and female scholars. The authors advise parents to consider the individual 's intellectual and social needs of the child and match the student to the appropriate educational institution. Safety, rigorous instruction, and high graduation rates are essential marketing components in single-gender educational environments. Single-sex education classes also foster inclusive emotional relationships with teachers and peers. The students feel they achieve a higher level of acceptance and are free to shed old layers of conformity and simply be themselves.

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