Leadership Is The Most Important Part Of Running A Successful Operation Essay

Leadership Is The Most Important Part Of Running A Successful Operation Essay

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Leadership is the most important part of running a successful operation. In the opening paragraph of the Blue Ocean Leadership article, the author explained to the reader that poor leadership is a key cause to why employees may be disengaged. When an employee is disengaged, they will be less productive thus harming the organization as a whole. In Blue Ocean Leadership, we will identify who the disengaged employees are, and how we can convert them to engaged employees. This article presented a very special leadership framework, that I will reflect on in this essay by summarizing the article, discussing the application of this framework, as well as critically analyzing the issues presented in this article.

The identified issue in this Essay is that according to Gallup, 3 out of every 10 employees will actually put effort into moving the organization forward. This problem can be addressed by using an approach called blue ocean leadership. This type of leadership is focusing on maximizing the untapped potential of all employees. This is done by using a four step process to figure out what changes are needed to maximize potential, in the quickest amount of time. These four steps include seeing your leadership reality, developing alternative leadership profiles, selecting to-be leadership profiles and institutionalizing new leadership profiles.

Seeing your leadership reality entail having an understanding of where leadership is failing, and how to immediately address and resolve the issue. In a sense, enough research must be conducted on the organization and its current leadership before decisions of change can be made. This will be done by 12 to 15 senior managers that are well invested in the organization. The aim of this is to ...

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After carefully analyzing the article, I find a conflict in the practice. The author suggests that Blue Ocean Leadership can be practiced by anyone on the organizational chart, but also stated that it is important for the leaders to conduct this practice. This type of practice will have limited success if it’s initiated from the employees instead of senior management. The buy-in for this approach is especially important and it takes someone to lead by example for it to be effective. In addition, it would be difficult to implement this type of leadership when beginning an organization. In order to do this, you would have to gather everyone you want to work for you, and establish this type of leadership as a principle. There wouldn’t be enough information to determine if the current leadership is limiting the employees or where any dissatisfaction may be.

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