Essay on Leadership Ethics and Culture

Essay on Leadership Ethics and Culture

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The purpose of this paper is to examine leadership ethical views in different cultural and organizational setting. The researcher will compare and contrast leadership ethics in different cultural and organizational settings. Finally, the researcher will provide a conclusion.
Leadership Ethical Views in Different Cultural and Organizational Setting
According to Razzano and Nelson (2008) Siemens AG which is a transnational organization headquarters in Munich Germany was charged with bribery by the Security and Exchange Commission. Siemens AG is an electrical-engineering company with interests in everything from bullet trains to medical diagnostics. Siemens is considered one of Europe’s largest technology companies (Nelson, 2008). The company paid millions to government officials to win big contracts for telecommunication equipment (Pacini, Swinger, & Rogers, 2002). Prior to the bribery scandal Siemens had an ethics and compliance program in place however there was a missing link between leadership and the enforcement of the program. In other words, Siemens leadership chose to ignore their established ethics and compliance program which created an unethical environment.
Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) a subsidiary of Halliburton headquarters in Houston, Texas is an international, technology-based engineering and construction company. The company provides a full spectrum of industry-services to the hydrocarbon, chemical, energy, forest products, and manufacturing industry. KBR is one of the largest United States government contracting companies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently employees of KBR have been charged with accepting briberies. In one case an employee award a contract to a subcontract and received ...

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