Leadership And Empowerment Of Women Across The Globe Essay

Leadership And Empowerment Of Women Across The Globe Essay

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Women across the globe have been taking the world by storm through leadership and empowerment. Leadership and empowerment go hand in hand- without empowerment, one cannot lead, and without leadership, one cannot empower. Throughout this class we have explored ways in which women can become better leaders and can empower others to follow suit. Due to reading “Presence” by Amy Cuddy and “Vital Voices” by Alyse Nelson, I have developed my own definitions of leadership and empowerment, and have used those definitions to help me determine and enhance my personal strengths.
Leadership means having a strong sense of self and being able to utilize one’s set of skills to motivate others or to work towards a goal. An effective leader must be confident in their ability to lead, know when and how to use their strengths, and know when to enlist the help of others. Furthermore, leader must know that though they in themselves are strong, everyone has unique talents to bring to table. They need to be able to unite a team of people so that they can develop their array of strengths and collaboratively achieve a common goal. Above all, an effective leader must know the importance of community and bear a strong sense of self so that, even when they seemingly fail, they can overcome their obstacles. For example, I am confident in my ability to organize, achieve goals, endure long or tedious processes, and create a friendly community with those I work with. I know that I work well under all circumstances and can complete tasks to the expected standards. Furthermore, I take the time to listen to other’s opinions and input. I value everyone’s individual skills and understand that not everyone works in the same way as someone else. With this in mind, I...

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...s to do their best work by making them feel like they belong. My strengths combined define me as a professional leader that looks to create a team of equally hardworking people and will push me to act like it when I am in a work environment. I plan to work with an environmental agency that seeks to increase sustainable conservation tactics. There, I will continue to enhance my strengths and hopefully become head of a research project. This will push me to grow my organization and determination skills while also increasing my patience and problem solving skills when plans go ary. I will also be encouraged to take my team’s advice and create a group that is comfortable with one another and is equally enthusiastic about the job ahead. Overall, I plan to challenge myself in every situation to further develop my strengths as a leader and to empower others to do that same.

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