Law of Religion vs. Law of Man in the Greek Tragedy, "Antigone#

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Whatever your religion there is usually one thing in common, the laws of the religion must be upheld in all situations. With this in mind there could be many situations; it could mean to stand your ground under peer pressure, it could be if one is faced by tragedy, or even if one must stand against the laws of man. This theme is shown in the courageous acts of Antigone in the Greek drama "Antigone" where she stands against a law made by her uncle, Creon, and gives her brother, Polyneices, a burial as the law of religion requires. In the end of the Greek drama Creon is punished by the gods. The only person of his family still alive is Ismene, his niece. All this came from Creon's pride and all could have been spared if Creon had pardoned Antigone for burying her brother. Antigone should not have been sentenced to death for a deed done out of love and religious righteousness. Antigone was wrongly sentenced to death for an act of love. Oedipus and here brothers all faced a tragic demise that spiraled down once Oedipus found he killed his father and married his mother. After his death ...

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