Essay on Latin America After The Wars Of Independence

Essay on Latin America After The Wars Of Independence

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Latin America after the Wars of Independence, were looking to modernize the nations after years of unstable politically and economically. This new idea called “progress” was to change Latin America for the better of the nations that took part of the progress. More European influences came during the period to help nations progress even further.
The relationship of Latin America and United States/Europe has been linked together ever since the days of the colonial times. . I agree with the diffusionist theory that it benefited Latin America more than there were negative. Overall the relationship amongst the regions has been more of a positive or benefit for Latin America because of the different influences it has brought to the region. The idea of positivism, liberalism and industrializing the country through technology that is being used in the other two regions has aided Latin America after the Wars of Independence. Many Latin America countries saw Europe and the United States as model to modernize their own countries. Since in Europe and United States are producing strong economy along with political stability as well. Of course, Latin American countries want to the model these regions because of the success they are having. When they bring the ideas and technology over to Latin America, they will achieve some form of success in the long run. Mexico, Argentina, and Chile are some of the examples that show a strong positive change in their own countries. United States played an essential role in the post-colonial Latin America, when the US created the Monroe Doctrine. The document itself claimed that the US protected Latin America from European powers to colonize the region again. The Monroe Doctrine was backed up by the British...

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... by large-scale productions controlled by foreign capital and administered abroad” (Furtado, 223). The countries that benefitted the most from these technologies were Mexico, Peru, Chile and Bolivia in the end because of the type of exports, which are minerals. Many of these countries got big boost in their economies when there was a large demand in silver, or copper, in the world (especially in Europe and United States).
The relationship of Latin America and Europe/United States is good one that helps Latin America prosper into the future. With the introductions of ideas from the Enlightment and technologies to produce or transport goods faster than before, Latin America was able to progress or modernize. Over time, more countries became more stabilize because of the help of liberalism that would finally put an end of colonial legacy in the political world.

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