King : A Violent And Intentional Crime Essay

King : A Violent And Intentional Crime Essay

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On February 12, 2008, 15 year old Larry King was shot in the back of the head by 14 year old Brandon McInerney in a middle school classroom in Oxnard, California. King was sitting in his seat, completing his work, and McInerney shot him. Prior to the incident, McInerney expressed on many occasions to his peers that he disliked the compliments that King relayed to him on his physical appearance and also had a profound hatred for King’s feminine gender expression. King was kept on life support for two days and died of brain damage. The facts presented to me made it clear that McInerney should grow old in prison for such a violent and intentional crime, but sadly that is not the case. McInerney was sentenced to 21 years in prison and will be released in in his mid thirties. Larry King, however, is deceased and the school will not allow for a plaque to be put in front of a tree that was planted in his honor.
McInerney should have received a sentence that was more severe due to the violent nature of the crime. In my opinion, when handling juvenile court cases, intent and outcomes of the case should be key identifiers to determine if the case should be taken into larger court. McInerney was shown a lot of leniency because of his age, but there are many factors in which I felt were excused for, ignored, or overlooked in this case. Now let’s take a look at those aspects of the case.
After viewing the video and listening to the testimonial of the teachers, jurors, and defense attorneys that were in favor of a reduced sentence for McInerney, he was shown a lot of sympathy because of his parents’ drug abuse and arrest records, his identity as a white heterosexual male, and his age. Even after watching the video, I noticed that more about...

... middle of paper ... her friend because she was no longer going to see him anymore. That statement speaks for itself. Shock does not draw you to kill and plan someone’s execution a day in advance. Even though the defendant used the gay/trans panic defense, the premeditation of the crime should have ruled it out. McInerney grabbed a gun, took it to school with him, entered the school, entered the classroom, and shot King in the head. Nowhere in that process was McInerney in a position in which he was “defending” himself against King. He plotted an execution.
This video is a clear representation of the flaws within the criminal justice system and the biases against gender nonconforming individuals. Brandon McInerney was portrayed to the media and greater public as a misguided teenage boy, but that is no excuse for murder. Larry King did not receive the level of justice that he deserved.

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