Key Skills Needed For An Effective Healthcare Administrator Essays

Key Skills Needed For An Effective Healthcare Administrator Essays

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Key Skills needed to be an Effective Healthcare Administrator
The role of a Healthcare Administrator is very important whether it be an administrator in a clinical setting, hospital setting, or long term care setting. All of these settings require the same main skills in the position of the person fulfilling the role as Healthcare Administrator; those skills are communication and relationship management, leadership, professionalism, knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business skills. If any one of these skills is missing, this person could be doing a disservice to the organization they are a member of.
At its core, communication and relationship management competency is about how clearly leaders understand the people they work with and how effectively they use that knowledge in building high-performance working relationships. In order to do this the employees must have engendering trust, meaning how a specific individual views his or her working relationship with a specific leader. If trust is not given or gained freely; employees will not trust that leader until that trust is earned. The administrator can gain this trust by finding out what the employee’s needs and wants are and respecting those needs and wants. A good administrator will do all that is possible to honor commitments whenever they can; however, how they handle failed commitments can be even more important. Many company value statements encompass the communication and relationship competency and focus on enhancing work relationships through teamwork and building respect.
It is important to remember that relationships are not always perfect and some will fail due to conflict but they can be repair with good conflict resolution and both parties coming t...

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...pliance.( Guttry, P. 2012)
John C. Maxwell once said “When a leader reaches out in passion, he is usually met with an answering passion.” I believe that if one wishes to become a good Healthcare Administrator they must meet all of the criteria that has been covered in this work. That being Communication and Relationship Management, Leadership, Professionalism, Knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business skills, but I also believe in the four truths about passion and what it can do for you as a leader: 1). Passion is the first step to achievement, 2) Passion Increases your willpower, 3). Passion changes you, and 4). Passion makes the impossible possible.” (Maxwell, J.,1999.,p.84-85) It is all of these things that have kept me going and made my desire to become a Healthcare Administrator stronger and stronger during each and every class I have taken to date.

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