The Key Points Of Transformational Leadership Essay

The Key Points Of Transformational Leadership Essay

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The four key points of the transformational leadership I will include in my management style are charisma, inspirational stimulation, intellectual stimulation, and personal and individual attention (McShane and Von 2015). Charisma: the degree of the way how the leader is capable of behaving in the way everyone admires him, displays convictions, and has a certain set of values, which make the followers consider him as a leader and make him the role model for themselves. Inspirational motivation: the degree of how the leader can show the vision of the situation that it inspires the followers with optimism about future goals, and makes the current tasks reasonable for achieving those. Intellectual stimulation: the degree how the leader can stimulate and encourage creativity in the followers, providing them with some frameworks which help them to see the connections between the leader, the workers, the organization, and the goals, and come out with the solution. Personal and individual attention: the degree to which the leader can pay attention to the problems and needs of each follower and gives the appreciation to each member’s contribution to the overall result. It gives the self-confidence to each follower, they feel self-worthiness and are inspired to continue working in the best way they can.
I think that transformational leadership theory can be found in every sphere of our lives. What is even more important, this approach is very effective in encouraging me to work better. During exploring the different theories in the Organizational Behavior lessons, I understood that those teachers who were applying to my personal needs, and encouraged me to study the subject because of my own goals, gave me the better knowledge, than...

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...nizational Behavior course was very helpful and necessary for me to understand the nature of many issues in the working sphere. Many approaches and solutions of the problems which we have studied during the lessons will be definitely useful in my future career. The transformational leadership theory showed me why some people are born to become and are outstanding leaders, and how to develop those skills in me. Besides that, it had also taught me to be more attentive to other people’s problems and suggest solutions to them as it develops more trustful and positive relationships. Another issue which is very crucial as well is cross-cultural communication, as everyone in its working place meets people of different nations, religions, and beliefs. Our lessons gave me more experience in this field and showed me how to behave and communicate with people of other cultures.

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