Essay about The Key Method Of Folding

Essay about The Key Method Of Folding

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Figure 7 Locations of transects taken across the Zagros in the Lorestan, Dezful Embayment, and Fars region to reconstruct cross sections in Figure 8. Drawn from McQuarrie 2004.

Figure 8: Cross section in the Fars (from A-A’), Dezful Embayment (from B-B’), and Lorestan (from C-C’) region of the Zagros after shortening. Refer Figure 7 for locations of each transect. Drawn and modified from McQuarrie 2004.
The key method of folding (deformation) proposed by simulations is detachment folding (Hatzfield et. al. 2010). Because of detachment folding sediment cover and the below Hormuz Salt become separated from each other leading to circular curved folds that distinguish the Zagros Folded Belt (Khadivi 2010). What’s above the separated basement, flexible strata, are discordantly bent when big conflicts with room arises trying to predict the circular curved folds all the way down. Different distances between synclines next to each other occur when how thick the Competent Group (6 km to 10 km) is considered causing room conflicts within the center of all folds except for in the mildest folds. By deducing existent thrust faults within anticline centers composed of competent lithologies the room conflict is settled by cross sections shown above. Folding is accommodated from shortening while fault displacement increases down dip and lower Paleozoic lithologies have the most fault displacement. The conclusion faulting was preceded by folding was made from comparing faults having small displacements and fold heights for the big detachment folds (points 1, 8, and 9 for transect A-A’ and points 1 and 3 for transect C-C’ in Figure 8) (McQuarrie 2004).

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After completing my research on the Zagros orogenic belt I learned many things. There are many different types of faults. Thrust faults including reverse and blind thrusts faults, strike slip faults, and some normal elements all exist in the Zagros. The exact locations of the blind thrusts in the Zagros are unknown because they’re not seen at the surface so more research could be done to find where they are. There’s more than one deformation techniques occurring but one mechanism is dominant. Detachment folding is thought to be the main deformation style but fault bend folding and fault propagation folding are also hypothesized. Ironically detachment folding is still not as well comprehended compared to fault bend folding and fault propagation folding so more research needs to be done in this area with regards to how detachment folding develops in the Zagros.

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