The Key Components Of A Charity Essay

The Key Components Of A Charity Essay

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The key components of a charity can be categorised as fundraising money, whether by collecting donations, selling charitable products and distributing aid in all forms and locations. Sense and respond involves determining problems and developing systems to solve such problems (Stair, et al., 2015), which can be extremely useful. The types of system which are beneficial for organisations are operational information systems, management information systems, decision support systems and knowledge support systems. By implementing these systems with data, charities can be more productive and therefore optimise their decision making.
Operational information systems (OIS) refer to the interconnected databases and applications implemented for the ongoing, central maintenance of operational data (Sohm, 2012). Such systems support the day-to-day running of a firm (Stair, et al., 2015). Since most active organisations effectively use operational information systems to operate more effectively, and most public organisations functioning today are public charities, as opposed to being public foundations (McRay, 2015), one could reach the conclusion that a large number of charities employ features of operational information systems.
The first aim of all charities, big or small, is to raise money for its objectives to be achieved. A common way charities achieve this is through ‘door to door’ donations and on-the-street donations. The initial question with collection is where to collect donations. A geographical information system (GIS) could be used in this sense in a number of ways. A GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating and displaying geographic information, data identified according to its location (Stair, et al...

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... optimal aid to provide. For example, in the case of the famine in Ethiopia, western charities providing clothing when food is scarce is not the optimal solution. Furthermore, a DSS could support a decision on where the aid is best sourced from in relation to the disaster, once again in the case of Ethiopia the majority was either flown or shipped from the west, as opposed to buying the required aid from a neighbouring African country.
A key advantage to using decision support software for a non-profit organisation such as a charity is that it can be done on software as cheap and attainable as Microsoft excel meaning that all scale of charity’s can apply them. However the key to all information systems that are used to make or support a decision is the quality and validity of input to the system- the information that is gathered and captured (Stair, et al., 2015)

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