Kate Chopin 's The Storm And Chimamanda Adichie 's Birdsong Essay

Kate Chopin 's The Storm And Chimamanda Adichie 's Birdsong Essay

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Looking in the mirror and realizing your imperfections, or fighting a losing battling against your conscience. Moments of awakenings we call them, reflecting on the mistakes we’ve made or regretting the temptations we’ve allowed to overpower us. It’s a feeling of emptiness mixed with knowledge, understanding and relief.
In both Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” and Chimamanda Adichie’s “Birdsong” we read about characters going through moments of awakening. Both main characters, females finding themselves in sticky situations with a male love interest. Calixta, a married mother momentarily falling back into the arms of her first love, and a young working women in Lagos Nigeria finding herself in a confusing but pleasure full affair with an older, wealthy, married man. Moments of awakening can have different affects and results, both these stories are perfect examples of this.
In Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” the main character Calixta is home alone as her husband, Bonint and son Bibi ventured out to the store. During this time a storm develops leaving them stranded seeking shelter. Alce, the character who appears to be Calixta first love suddenly appears at her house as she is alone seeking shelter from the storm himself. They had not laid eyes on each other since Calixtra was married which from a passage in the text indicated it had been five years at this points “She was a little fuller of figure than five years before” (The Storm, by Kate Chopin). Surprised to see him she invited him in which resulted in the room being filled with feelings and the sensation of flesh they craved for each other. Like the scene in Titanic they drift away making love to each other passionately. At the beginning Calixtra fights to resist the temptation “Bont...

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...torm it had a negative effect.
Both authors Kate Chopin and Chimamanda Adichic used moments of awakening to show the venerability of their characters. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where in the beginning thing feel right but it often takes a few key moments for us to come to the realization of the wrongs we’re doing. Readers should see both stories for what they are, human being making mistakes and painfully learning from them. None of us are perfect and both stories show that. A married mother who truly loves her husband and her wrong doing how much she truly loved him and what they shared, a family. A wrong lady swept off her feet by a charming older man, herself craving love while he was just wanted her so he was not alone when away from his wife. She knew what she was partaking in was wrong but in order to brake away she had to see through the man.

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