Kate Chopin 's The Narrative Of Grief Essay

Kate Chopin 's The Narrative Of Grief Essay

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Author Kate Chopin was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1850. Kate was happily married to Oscar Chopin with six children. Kate’s marriage soon ended in 1883, due to her husband dying from an illness. She then began to write stories soon after; in 1894 she started writing short stories. Most of her work was based on significant periods of time. Her third novel discussed a failed marriage and the events that took place subsequently. Similarly, this short story revolves around Louise’s marriage and how it was not as successful. The narrative is being told from third person, describing events that take place within an hour after disclosing an unhappy event. In this short story, the narrative shows Louise’s process of grief through subsequent emotions that arise within her in an orderly fashion.
Louise Mallard suffers from a heart condition and as a result her sister and her husband Brently Mallard’s friend discloses the death of her husband as slowly and delicately as they can. She was not in any form of denial and at once she cries for her husband, accepting her husband’s death. Altho...

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