Kate Chopin 's `` The Author Of This Provocative Book Wanted About The Unspoken Reality Of Many Women

Kate Chopin 's `` The Author Of This Provocative Book Wanted About The Unspoken Reality Of Many Women

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Kate Chopin the author of this provocative book wanted to tell us an unspoken reality of many women back in the early 1900s.The story wanted to speak about the unspoken, inconceivable feelings and behavior a lady was able to harbor- back in the time when such acts were condemned by all. Society had a clear definition how to describe a "lady" and the way women had to act, and conduct their lives as everyone expected them to. It was like an unspoken creed. Women feelings did not count, as long as their financial needs were met. Edna Pontellier ' had dreams, these lead her into a path of great discoveries, but she also found herself dealing with unbearable disillusionment.
She kept having the same recurring dream, she was running through the meadows as a little girl back in her hometown, feeling the breeze touching her skin, the sun caressing her face, and hair bouncing like a water fall hitting the rocks- as she was running through the perfumed bushes of flowers. Every time she had that dream, she would wake up with a peaceful and beautiful smile painted on her face. That was the best felling she felt in long time. Waking up from such a beautiful and joyous dream seemed like heaven on earth for her. Edna had also dreams of being herself, she did not like who she was, and the way her life was, she was not mother of the year either, she once said "I would give my life for my children; but I wouldn 't give myself" (page 62) she wanted more, she dreamed of being an artist, she loved to paint and was actually really good at it. She had this dream and vision of leaving her controlling, unappreciative, unloving, and cheating husband. He did not support her love for art, and often questioned her ability to care for their children....

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...ry was filled with passion, freedom, selfishness, dreams, discoveries and, disillusionment, the life of Edna Pontellier was highly criticized and even deemed as unacceptable and vulgar. After reading and analyzing all the facts of the story, and taking under consideration the time and social status in which this story took place, it appears to me that Edna Pontellier was not a woman who possessed good virtues. Although she was bold and courageous to stand for what she believe she deserved as a woman and a human being, she did not measure up to be mother, her actions were selfish- she only thought about her and never about the children. The ultimate proof of that was that she chose to end her life by drowning back in Grand Isle. There was the ocean and the beginning and then, again at the end. Edna 's life symbolic resemblance to birth-in water and death by water.

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