Essay on Juvenile Offenders Should Be Tried As Adults

Essay on Juvenile Offenders Should Be Tried As Adults

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Usually, some of the teenagers do not appreciate their life and the freedom that they have; They think that because they are young, will never lose their benefits or their liberty. Teens are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions because always people try to protect them from the reality, from the real world. Today most of the teenager are losing the respect to the authority, and to the law because they are not more afraid to the consequences that can bring a crime. Many people believe that give to teens an adult punishments is to cruel because they are not old enough to take all the responsibility for their crimes, but the reality is that if they are capable to commit a crime they have to be responsible for the consequences. There exist a lot of reasons of why some of the juvenile offenders deserve to receive more significant punishments for their crimes. Juvenile offenders should be tried as adults if the commit a crime because if the system does not give them significant punishment for their crimes they will continue committing crimes and be bad influence for other teens. People have to start teaching to the teenager that if they decide to take the wrong way of the life they have to face the consequences.
In California is illegal to own or possess a gun under the age of 18 but some juveniles feel old enough to have and use a gun to commit a crime. If some teenagers feel in that way, why the system have to determine if they have to be judge as an adult or not? System does not have to reward a juvenile for use a gun or for kill someone. According to
The most famous criminals have been recognized for having planned in advance their crimes. The majority of juvenile offenders planned their crimes or think about it eve...

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...15 is a homicide at the age of 19, they would never bring back the person they kill, and they would never restore the family that they destroyed. They should be tried as adults, because if they are allowed to break the law and commit crimes they have to be responsible and face up to what they did, and learn from their mistakes and understand that their actions and their behavior have consequences. If a juvenile is mature enough to commit an adult crime they have to be punishment according to the adult law. The system does not have to be fair with a criminal, they have to be severe because each criminal have to be sentence with the magnitude of their crimes and the age does not have to contribute with the decision. Is time for people to change what they think juveniles are not kids they know, and understand what are they doing, and then they have to face consequences.

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