The Justice System Has Consistently Failed Disadvantaged And Poor Defendants

The Justice System Has Consistently Failed Disadvantaged And Poor Defendants

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How do we receive justice in the U.S ? First what is Justice, is it “fairness or moral rightness. a scheme or system of law in which every person receives his/ her/its due from the system, including all rights, both natural and legal”( But do we the people really get a fair trial? Do the people who work for the system and took an oath really care about moral rightness? “One problem is that attorneys, judges and legislators often get caught up more in procedure than in achieving justice for all”( The justice system has consistently failed underprivileged/poor defendants. In the movie Twelve Angry Men there was a young boy put on trial and accused of murdering his father, his fate was death if pronounced guilty, he was a low class citizen and was appointed a public defender due to the 14th Amendment. The young man was almost put to death, but do to a brave man in the jury convinced eleven men that he was innocent. I believe that the justice system is flawed and is built to put underprivileged/poor and black and Hispanic people in prison.

Do to history underprivileged people usually tend to not have enough money to pay for a lawyer so they receive a public defender. Most public defenders have very busy schedules and maybe over 50 cases to deal with so the defendant is not priority really. According to The Bronx Defenders “A state law limited the number of caseloads New York City public defenders could take on. 400 misdemeanors or 150 felonies a year. James told The Indypendent that when the law was passed, each LAS attorney averaged 632 cases a year (Ibarra)”. What this means is that the lawyer you were appointed doesn 't really have time to break down your case and try to get you off ...

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... Most times prosecutors do their job right and defendants do their job right and a fair trial is given and ended. All in all the U.S justice system isn 't black and white and it is far from perfect.

I believe that the justice system is flawed and is built to put underprivileged/poor and black and Hispanic people in prison. We should change the way public defenders work no person should have over four hundred cases to solve without help at least. The U.S system should give public defenders less cases so that they are able to give the clients full attention to their cases. Prosecutors should be taught that even your job is to throw criminals in jail not innocent people. It should be praised that a prosecutor didn 't want to take an innocent person’s life not counted as a loss. All in all the people who work for the system should develop a sense of morality

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