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JP Morgan Internship Candidate

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In order for JP Morgan Chase to consider me as a prospect candidate as one of their summer interns, I will have to demonstrate to the recruiter I poses the type of skills they seek for. On the on-line job web site under description they list that the summer candidate that will be chosen must be able to work under pressure, tight deadlines, able to adapt well and assume high level of responsibility. They also require for this person to have a well rounded academic background in finance, a GPA of 3.0, strong teamwork, communication skills, and high energy level. Since the characteristics for the summer intern job come so close to the ones I already have it seems to be a perfect match opportunity for me and for JP Morgan Chase bank.
JP Morgan Chase offers intern jobs for students in college that are trying to experience what it would feel like to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. I have an advantage on this particular subject because not only do I have to meet school deadlines that my professors assign to me which: most of the time I do under pressure because it feels like they all get together and schedule exams and papers due all on the same day but I also deal with it at work. The on-line web-site mentions that the candidate must be adaptable and assume high level of responsibility. It would be in my best interest that I should mention to the recruiter that I recently begun working at a bank and have adapted to their computer system, terminology and their every day procedures fairly fast. As a result of my ability to adapt well I have been given high level of responsibility, a characteristic that was mentioned on the job description for the summer intern. I am responsible for balancing my drawer at the end of each day and in dual control( a bank terminology meaning two people) I am responsible for opening and closing the bank properly , balancing the main vault, balancing traveler’s checks, gift cards, and any other assignment I am requested to do. Managers implement certain things into us that maybe were taught to them so when we become one of them they we will pass on the values they have implanted in us from day one.
The summer intern applicant is required to have a well rounded academic background with course work in finance in order to understand the managers or trainees whom will be training him/her.

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The web site also mentions that the candidate must have at least a 3.0 GPA, have strong team work skills and good communication skills. I will mention to the recruiter that I have completed the business core, currently a jr, my GPA is a 3.0 but I will strive to raise it and I will be graduating with a finance degree in 2009. The classes I am taking at the university are teaching me teamwork and communication skills therefore I can apply it on the work filed. The last characteristic they look at is that this candidate must have high energy and they could not have described me any better. My schedule is really intense during the week and to elaborate I will illustrate on how hectic it is. Monday starts normally at 5:00 am so I can be ready by 6:30 to be at work at 6:45 (luckily I live close to work). My work day ends at 3:00 pm only so I can rush to school and be in class at 4:00pm after that I have another class that lasts until 6:45, so I come home, eat, do some homework, and finally make into bed around 10:00pm. Tuesday starts at 5:00am again so I can leave my house by 6:00am and be in my morning class at 7:00am. Once I leave there I go to work, get off at 6:00pm and there I go rushing back to school for my 7:00pm class. Wednesday is the same as Monday but Thursday I catch a break and do not have an evening class so I normally do homework or rest! Friday is busy work day just like Saturday and then finally I see the light on Sunday because that is my fun day. Only one with the most energy can make this work and the creepiest thing about all this, is that I gave myself this schedule because I know I can handle it. After reading about the company and what they seek for it has really motivated me to submit my cover letter and resume.
If JP Morgan Chase is honestly looking for someone that works well under pressure; meets tight deadlines, is adaptable, can assume high level of responsibility, has a well rounded academic background, has been introduced to course work in finance, has a GPA of at least a 3.0, strong teamwork and communication skill and lastly has a high energy level then I am definitely a candidate they should consider. After reviewing the needs of JP Morgan I am certain that my chances on being chosen for the summer intern position will weigh in my favor. I will make sure when I meet the recruiter to present myself with confidence and utilize the information I have learned from their on-line web site and also use my communication skills to express myself letting him/her know I am greatly interested in the position.
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