Essay on The Journey Of American History

Essay on The Journey Of American History

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Ansley Yates
Dr. Abraham
HIST 1301
06 November 2014
Twist and Turns
In the journey of American history there are many twists and turns. It took many people, and a long journey to make America the melting pot it is today. Many believe that solely Columbus discovered America, Which however, is not true. There were already people, Native Americans, living in America before Columbus arrived. Laziness is a reoccurring theme in American history. The settlers of James town were lazy looking for El Dorado. Setting the story straight about the ambiguous facts and details of Americas beginning. Creating the beautiful country it is today.
Native Americans were the first ones to come to America the new world. The dates of this journey are debatable, but most say about 30,000 years ago. The earth’s climate was much colder than it is today. A land bridge was created that is today covered by the Beringia Sea. Archaeologist named the bridge that connected Asia and North America, Beringia. The Native American though hard work learned to live in these conditions. For some strange reason, the Native Americans’ that traveled in small groups stopped hosting several diseases such as smallpox and measles that would later in history whip out many Native Americans. In the text book THE AMERICAN STORY FIFTH EDITION it states “although Native Americans experienced illnesses such as tuberculosis, they no longer suffered the major epidemics that under normal conditions would have killed a large percentage of their population.”(pg4, Divine, Robert A., Breen, T.H., Williams, R. Hal, Gross, Ariela J. and H.W. Brands.,) The Native Americans adapted to America’s conditions much better than the Europeans whose conquest was to come.
Many Europeans had selfish in...

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...vine, Robert A., Breen, T.H., Williams, R. Hal, Gross, Ariela J. and H.W. Brands. ) Therefor, like the slaves roger Williams and the extreme separatist were seeking religious liberty.
In this twisted journey through Americas history let the truth be known. Native Americans were the first in America. No one really thought the earth was flat. White slaves were the first in America. Black slaves were not the only one in search for liberty, and so were separatist. Now the truth is in evitable, no more lies.

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