The Journal Of Neuroscience : A Social Identity Essay

The Journal Of Neuroscience : A Social Identity Essay

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2. In this article, gender is identified as a social identity that is constructed and reformed throughout life in order to achieve a true sense of identity. It is not a term or label given from biological sex such as male or female that defines ones’ gender role. The writer claims gender is more than a social settlement, that it is not a binary construction of male or female and involves a matrix of genes, hormones, and social influence.
3. Within neuroscience research, “expert” Dr. Georg S. Kranz at the Medical University of Vienna is quoted in this article, reporting a 2014 study in “The Journal of Neuroscience” of transsexual individuals. Dr. Kranz studied different types of transsexual groups and observed sex hormones that showed differences in brain function and structure. He practiced and tested using a special type of M.R.I.; high-resolution technique called diffusion tensor imaging that examined the white matter microstructure of the brain.
4. The information provided through the article does support the title because it begins using a model of gender change such as Caitlyn Jenner. Reasoning upon the idea of changeable gender, the writer analyzes the range of sex change and why it is necessary for certain people to undergo it. Researcher, Dr. Kranz theorizes sex reassignment to be significant to structural differences in the brains where there is a reason between ones’ genetic sex to their desired sex.
5. Some strengths of the article would include the research and conclusions of sex reassignments found through scholarly “experts” such as the study found by Dr. Kranz. He asserts women identified as female gender to have the highest level of “diffusivity” then comes along female-to-male transsexuals, then male-to-female tr...

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...ernate explanations were accounted for gender changes and why people do it.
g) This article does not speak in definite terms such as “prove” and although the research and sources don’t provide different interpretations, the writer provides acknowledgment that more research could contribute to a different interpretation and scientific explanation. Effectively recognizing that there could be uncertainty such as no comparative data to gender dysphoria; the writer claims that the lack of evidence in therapeutics and failure for randomized clinical trials cannot prove an effective and comparable theory. The writer is not necessarily trying to prove anything but suggests an idea about gender identities and how and why gender is changeable. It is recognized that until there is more reliable data and more available scientific research, there will be skepticism and fallacies.

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