John S Charlton : A Special Education Program Essay

John S Charlton : A Special Education Program Essay

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John S Charlton is a special education program that serves students in the Caesar Rodney School District as well as students that are declared eligible from their home district. Students are declared eligible to be placed at Charlton if their home school cannot service the needs of the IEP. Charlton has roughly 240 students, ranging from ages 2 – 21 and about 60% of the student population is diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Charlton is part of the Delaware Autism Program and works vigilantly to stay current with the standards outlined by the state. Charlton has four unique grade bands, Pre-K/k-2, 3-5/middle school, high school, and college. While all 4 bands work to meet the unique demands of the students IEP, each grade band is designed to help students focus on their life time goal to be a productive member of society.
During the Pre-k, k/2 grade bands, Charlton staff focuses on how to help student with life skills and academics while meeting the needs of the IEP. Students are learning to communication, academics, daily living skills like tooth brushing and toileting, as well as life management skills such as waiting your turn or walking in line. Students are introduced to communication with PECS (picture exchange communication services) and will work within their IEP team to decide how to develop individual communication goals. During this period the team strives to introduce as much communication and academics as possible, the goal for every student is to graduate the Charlton program and be placed in as much inclusion with peers as possible.
As a child promotes to the 3-5/middle school program, the outlined goals are the same but they are tailored to the grade band and the student. Communication is still a prima...

... middle of paper ...

...xample, if a student wants to be a custodial assistant after graduating the program then the goals in the transitional IEP would include learning to use a mop and how to read labels on the bottles used for cleaning. If a student wants to work in an office sorting mail, the goal may be to sort cards with various names, to push a cart, and to carry different size packages.
The John S. Charlton School has been part of the Caesar Rodney district for over fifty years and has successfully integrated students each year into the community. The goal of the school is to start with students as soon as they are given an IEP and to work with the student and the team to help the student reach graduation from the program at age 21. All Students are learning communication, academics, daily living skills, and life management skills depending on their unique IEP and their grade band.

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