John Locke And The Civil Rights Essay

John Locke And The Civil Rights Essay

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John Locke believed in limited government. He said that government should be like a contract and people can overthrow the government if the government abuses his or her position. He also believed that people have the individual rights to be heard. He mentioned that people are born with freedom. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, age etc. have the same rights as everyone else. I think John Locke would support Norman Rockwell’s painting, because the white soldiers seems to be protecting a young colored girl holding notebooks and a ruler which, I think, symbolizes the protection of education for different races. John Locke would respond saying that no one should harm another person in terms of life, health or possessions because everyone is equal. John Locke would respond to events in Tiananmen Square by saying that no one should have the power to control others. He will mention that people have the right to resume their original liberty and that the government should provide safety and security and not control people by power. In order to balance a limited government and create the protection of equal rights, there must be reasonable laws to help regulate, balance authority and create equality.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that there should be social contract, meaning people join groups and the group makes up society. Social contract is the contract people agree to form. This is because Rousseau is more developed and believes the best way to go is not have a king. He said that individuals has once been good and happy but society made people sinful and bad. Society has become what is called “competition” and Rousseau thinks this what cause people to lose themselves. I think Rousseau would responded to the painting by G...

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... over control. On the other hand, in contrast to Hobbes, Locke believes human are born good. I personally agree with Locke that humans are born good but society blinds our innocence and creates a second human nature to desire power.

William Blackstone believes man is created by God and man laws must be based on god’s law. He quotes that “For the principle aim of society is to protect individuals in the enjoyment of those absolute rights, which were vested in them by the immutable laws of nature”. This quote and the photograph showing the defection of the border guard have apparent relationships. In the quote, blackstone argues that government exists to protect and enforce the absolute or natural rights of individuals. And the photograph shows the guard realizing he was not protecting his country but imprisoning its people. So the guard decided to leapt to freedom.

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