John Keats' Life and Achievements Essay

John Keats' Life and Achievements Essay

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A man, which was considered to have extraordinary poetic writing abilities, was the one who would grasp your attention. One with the ability to take your mind above and beyond. John Keats created marvelous works. He was considered a sensual poet, with passion, and the potential to create imagery (
In addition to his family and marriage, they help influenced his amazing writings. Keats captured what occurred around him. Through his works, he wrote hidden messages, which left critics breathless. With his genius works, critics then ranked him as one of the greatest English poets (Motion, Andrew. Keats A Biography. United Kingdom: Faber and Faber LTD, 1997).
The talented John was born on October 31, 1795 in London, England. He was the oldest of three brothers and one sister. As a young boy he enjoyed his father’s company until the passing of his father. John’s father death took a major impact on his life. Prior to his father’s death, John took on the responsibility in helping his mother raise his other siblings until her death. Although, now an orphan, John still managed to maintain a normal childhood. His grand-parents soon took the children along with him into their care. John managed to continue to attend Enfield Academy. Through his attendance, he met his headmaster, Mr. John Clarke. Clarke, whom enjoyed mentoring along with teaching John, encouraged him to express himself. Clarke noticed Johns interest in literature. He continued to pursue John to turn his energy into something good. John slowly began interpreting other writer’s works and eventually writing his own (O’Connor, Robert H.”John Keats.”Great lives from History.Ed.Magil,Frank. Salem Press. 1987. 1492-1497). Keats career was ...

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...ithout pity. The knight and the women soon drifted far away from each other and once again the knight’s mind was isolated in stanza ten through twelve. John’s mind was lonely and isolated after his wife and their relationship took a toll for the worse. The poem was considered one of John’s most diverse poems and one of the hardest to understand (

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