Tragic Life and Works of Robert Browning

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Robert Browning established some great works in the 18th century his poems had dramatic verses and a dramatic style. Browning took off very slowly but when he did he became very noticed in the English society and his hard work eventually took off and got noticed also. Browning symbolizes the dramatic monologue like for example, in his poem ‘’my last duchess’’ he gave out conclusions through his characters actions. Browning was influenced by many other poets and events that took place in the 18th century. To begin, my author is named Robert browning and he was born on May 7th, 1812 in Camberwell, England. Browning is a middle class suburb of London he was the first born of his parents and the only boy he had one sister named Sarianna Browning. His mom was a good Christian and a pianist while his father worked as a clerk at a bank. His father was an also an artist, scholar and collector of books. Most of browning education came from his father because he was very smart when Browning turned 5 he was already proficient at reading and writing. Browning was very much influenced by Percy Shelley poetry and by his 13th birthday he wanted the rest of his works. Browning was very intelligent; he knew French, Greek, and Latin by the age of fourteen. Browning got homeschooled between the ages 14-16 by many different tutors for music, writing, and horsemanship. He wrote poems between the ages thirteen and twenty Browning wrote a volume of Byronic verse called ‘’incondita’’. Browning attended the University of London in 1828 but he left at half of his session He met and fell in love with an author named Elizabeth Barrett in 1845 and they got married in 1846. Her and Browning kept their marriage a secret because her father ...

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...madness, and jealousy. In his poem he used imagery and wordplay Browning links with unit 5 because in his poem he put out a symbol for the urban modern life he writes this poem to influence the generation. I believe he is a symbolic author and a master at writing dramatic monologues. In conclusion, Browning is a modest author and he was one of the most important poets in the Victorian period. Browning lived a great life and his poems live on too I believe Browning work was just misunderstood back in the day and his most important poem would be ‘’ The Ring And The Book’ it is not often looked at today but the poem did bring him a lot of success before he passed away. The descriptions Browning gave off in his poems brought his readers close with the characters Browning made them relate in some shape of form with his unique techniques in his dramatic monologue.
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