John Hus: A Threat to the Western Church & Martyr Essay

John Hus: A Threat to the Western Church & Martyr Essay

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John Hus: A Threat to the Western Church & Martyr
The official definition of a martyr is “a person who sacrifices something of great value for the sake of principle”; therefore Jon Hus is undoubtedly a martyr (Merriam-Webster 1). His radical ideas caught the attention of thousands of followers while simultaneously undermining core practices of the Church. His beliefs led to what is known as the Hussite Reformation and ultimately, his death. John Hus’s death was ordered by the Church because his unorthodox principles threatened to disperse or even diminish some of the Church’s power and would cause an abundance of changes within the religious system as a whole during the 15th century, and possibly forever. The fears of the Church would later prove to be legitimate concerns but their efforts to prevent these changes from occurring failed, and not only did they prevent these changes from happening, but the Church’s attempts to get rid of John Hus’s ideals only “fanned the flames his messages ignited” (Joyner 52). Now, centuries after his death, John Hus is still revered by many as “one of the first true reformers of the church” (Joyner 42).
John Hus’s humble beginnings hardly reflect the impact that he would later have on modern day Christianity and the reformation process that would occur within the Church. Yet, his upbringing and early career are an essential part of his legacy, and provide indications of what was to come. John Hus was born in Bohemia, which is located in what is now the Czech Republic. His family was not wealthy but Hus was known for being virtuous, and having a strong set of morals instilled within him, so his decision to study Religion at the University of Prague did not come as a surprise. He received his ...

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...reatening public figure for the Church during the 15th Century, but his work and the things believed him allow him to be regarded as a great Christian Martyr.

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