The Reformation in Europe: Three Individuals that Made It Happen

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During the Reformation in Europe, many changes were brought about. Among these changes included people such as Erasmus, Martin Luther, the peasants of Swabia, and King Henry VIII. These people brought about some of the most important changes in European history. Without these individuals Europe would be a completely different country than what it is today. In the Northern European Renaissance lived a scholar by the name of Erasmus. Erasmus was particularly concerned with the corruption going on within the Church. Since he was so intrigued by the abuses of the church, he decided to write an essay titled, “In Praise of Folly”. In this essay, Erasmus describes many different hypocritical actions and thoughts played out by the church. One of these included looking for guidance and intersession through statues, relics, specific prayers, idols, and saints. Erasmus did not this was necessary because it was only distraction someone from finding Jesus. One of the things the church did that Erasmus thought was hypocritical was being a part of Holy Orders. Erasmus saw this at hypocritical because though you were supposed to be humbled and help others, being a part of this typically only made one more self-absorbed. Most of the people in Holy Orders got consumed in the power and wealth received from being in this position, and forgot why they became a part of Holy Orders in the first place. Another issue Erasmus saw within the church had to do with the Pope. The Pope was supposed to be the leader of the church and a complete representation of Christ, yet the Pope was holding huge parties and spending ample amounts of money. Erasmus believed the church needed to reevaluate what it was doing and use the Spirit as guidance and defense instead... ... middle of paper ... ...gan questioning the church’s hierarchy. Since many people were questioning the church, this led to what people refer to as the wars of religion. Henry was one of the 16th century kings of France. He was the first protestant king. He was later converted to Catholicism, but continued to let the protestant people worship, though they were very limited. This was the one of the first times both religions were allowed to be practiced in Europe. Furthermore, Europe has almost completely changed from the beginning of the Reformation to the end of the Reformation. Many different people have influenced this change. Most of the changes brought about had to do with religion. Though religion does not seem like a huge ordeal to a country, it is one of the main building blocks to a place such as Europe. Without these changes, Europe would not be the place people know it today.

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