John F. Kennedy : The President Of The United States Essay

John F. Kennedy : The President Of The United States Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy served as the 35th president of the United States, succeeding Eisenhower’s presidency in 1960. Seeing as Eisenhower served an 8-year reign in the White House, it was readily accepted by the public. Many of the young folks sought after a new, young, vibrant presidential candidate. John F. Kennedy was able to accomplish all of the promises that Americans desired. At a whopping 35 years of age, the majority didn’t believe that he possessed enough experience to carry out a successful presidential legacy. Fortunately for Mr. Kennedy, his election was full of positive outcomes. Running against Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy was forced to use several intense strategies, due to the fact that his inspiring speeches could not be stabilized. Richard Nixon, only four years older that John F. Kennedy seemed to possess the experience that modern day Americans valued. John F. Kennedy was able to take every possible advantage to get him where he had to be to win the election, but he managed. However, he was unable to appease the public and live up to their hype, he managed to inspire and encourage the nation to take on all challenges that it was facing. John F. Kennedy dominated the election with a massive electoral lead of 84 votes, and a populous vote of 112,827. With his charismatic promises,
Harris 2 famous supporters, and applaudable background, John F. Kennedy was able to overcome Nixon in the battle for the election of 1960.
John F. Kennedy had an outshone personality which made his charisma extra evident to the public. What really brought him into the election was his amazing offers of a better future. In the election Mr. Kennedy faced many insulting outbursts from anti-catholics. He was able to ov...

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...rience, because of the leadership and bravery portrayed in this battle.
John F. Kennedy was able to Inspire his country a great deal. Mr. Kennedy was able to provide enthralling assurances, well-known supporters
Harris 5, and a superb military background, to win this close election. Unfortunately for the majority of the American people. John F. Kennedy was unable to live up to the full potential of his promises, because of his assassination in 1963. In his short-lived term presidency, John. F. Kennedy was able to set the stepping stones for a brighter future. He helped set the platform for desegregation and equal rights, created the Committee of Equal Employment opportunities for minorities, and served a noble role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. John F. Kennedy lived up to half of the hype of his promises, but was only able to live up to some of his potential.

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