Essay about John F. Kennedy : The President Of The Special Olympics

Essay about John F. Kennedy : The President Of The Special Olympics

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On May 29th, 1917 a man was born that could’ve reformed the world in a whole new way but would not know until 43 years later, when John Fitzgerald Kennedy got elected to be the President of the United States. John F. Kennedy was born into a wealthy family with political and monetary connection from both sides of his family, they were predominately Irish-Catholics and skilled political sciences ran throughout their bloodline. His sister Eunice Kennedy was the founder of the Special Olympics, his brother Robert Kennedy was a U.S attorney general, and other brother Ted Kennedy was one of the most powerful senators in American history; it was like an ideal cookie cutter formed this family for all of the right things for America during it’s times of war, hardship, and need for people like them.
John Kennedy was a tad rebellious in his studies to subjects that were not in his interests, but with his dads encouragement and newly founded spot as the Ambassador to Great Britain, JFK wrote a thesis on why Britain was so unprepared to fight Germany in World War II, this was later published as the book, Why England Slept, that sold 80,000 copies(John F. Kennedy In Profile).
In 1946, JFK decided to run for the U.S House of Representatives, after being discharged from the U.S Navy, in which he won due to not only being knowledgeable, but with the help of his families connections in addition with his fathers money. Kennedy was not done climbing his way up the political ladder there though, he challenged Henry Cabot Lodge for the seat in the U.S Senate, Robert Kennedy was hired to do the campaigning that was noted the most disciplined, detailed, and intricate state-wide campaign(

... middle of paper ... Commission properly investigated the scene and if the information is correctly analyzed, the assassination happened as it was said to. But there are oppositions also that the facts that were used may not have been all that factual, much like the receptionist claiming to see Oswald there but there is no credible evidence to place him there despite the receptionists word. (186 JSTOR)
Unfortunately, John F. Kennedy’s presidency was cut short but with his efforts in the time he did have he made quite the impact to 1960’s Americans, but also to the future generations as well. Many coined the term the Kennedy Curse as all those in his family never lived a full life, no one is sure if it was coincidence or if it was superstitious backings. JFK lived from 1917-1963, which made him the second youngest president, but unfortunately also the youngest dead president as well.

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