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John F. Kennedy 's Life Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a young man who grew up in an Irish- Catholic home in Boston Massachusetts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy grew up in a household of luxury where he and his 8 brothers and sisters, Joseph Jr., Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Ted, enjoyed a life “of elite private schools, sailboats, servants, and summer homes” ("John F. Kennedy: Life in Brief"). As a young lad John F. Kennedy became frequently ill and endured some traumatic events. As time passed, Kennedy was able to maintain health and began his education at Harvard. While in Harvard Kennedy wrote “a best-selling book [and] volunteered for hazardous combat duty in the Pacific during World War II” ("John F. Kennedy: Life in Brief"). John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s time away made him the man who would one day be recognized as a hero and as the president of the United States. Kennedy was a hard worker and wanted to make his vision of America into a possibility. By examining John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s campaigns, domestic policies, and foreign policies one can evaluate Kennedy’s success as commander in chief of the United States of America.
It was the election of 1960, President Richard Nixon versus the young John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kennedy had an uphill climb ahead of him, but he was in this position before. In 1952, Kennedy “ran for the U.S. Senate and defeated the Republican incumbent from another Massachusetts family with a long political history, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr” ("John F. Kennedy: Life Before the Presidency"). If anyone was ready for this fight it was John F. Kennedy; throughout his life Kennedy had endured so much pain that tackling an election was something he was not afraid of. During the Primaries, Kennedy fought long and hard to c...

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...s signature campaign issues” which shows that he gave the people what he promised. The Peace Corps is a prime example of the leader that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was for this country; the type of leader who did what was best for the country and tried to keep his promises.
As a Leader Kennedy had the best interest of the people at heart, while in office Kennedy kept most of his promises despite the issues he faced. Kennedy wanted to keep his promises to the American people and serve the presidency with justice. Unfortunately, Kennedy’s presidency and life were cut short when he was fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald November 22, 1963. During his time, Kennedy did what he felt needed to be done, and thanks to Kennedy the United States avoided a nuclear war. Kennedy was able to translate his vision of America with the guidance of his administration even after his death.

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