Johannes Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion Essay

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Johannes Kepler was one of the most significant scientists of the Scientific Revolution in the middle ages. Kepler was an astronomer and mathematician who was born in Germany. He showed all the planet’s orbit the sun, and not the sun orbiting the earth. Kepler formed three laws, in which he defines the governing motion of the planets. He was dedicated passionately to circles. Kepler also became the founder of modern optics. His work in developing the Planetary Laws of Motion supersede all discoveries in celestial mechanics. His achievements proved many things in which today's modern scientist use.
Kepler revealed one of the most famous discoveries in astronomy. Planets orbit the sun in predictable patterns. The sun does not orbit the planets. Kepler posed a question of the planetary motion. Later, Newton took to answer. Kepler also came transversely the paths of planets; their path was elliptical, not circular. Planets move in ellipses with the sun at one focus and Prior to this in 1602, Kepler found from trying to figure out the position of the Earth in its orbit that as it sweeps out an area defined by the Sun and the orbital path of the Earth that the radius vector labels equal areas in equal times. This idea turn around to be very popular in the Scientific Revolution, as it stimulated much inquiring.
Kepler created the three laws of planetary motion. The primary law is that the planets designate elliptic orbits with the sun. In 1605 is when this law was announced, after his foremost discovery of how the planet’s orbit, or move. The next law is: the line joining the planet nearer to the sun sweeps in equal areas in equal times. For an object along an elliptical orbit to sweep out the area at a uniform rate, the object moves q...

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..., but also of the modern optics. Kepler was the first to investigate the establishment of pictures with a pinhole camera. He clarified the process of vision by refraction with the eye. Kepler was the first to draw out eyeglass designed for nearsightedness and farsightedness. He was also the first to explain how a telescope works, and the principles of thinking.
Johannes Kepler contributed to the Scientific Revolution so we can say he made history. His discoveries may have changed how we learn science. Kepler's had a role in the historical improvement of astronomy and natural philosophy. He well-defined the planetary motion using three laws he created. Modern optics were also simplified through him. Kepler wrote many informational books where he defines each one of his topics thoroughly. He includes details and explanations, which scientists refer to even nowadays.

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