Essay on Job Training On Professionalism And Customer Service

Essay on Job Training On Professionalism And Customer Service

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1. I will take one step at the time. I first would figure out why it a high turnover rate of public employees, and I will come up with a plan for the turnover rate would not be so high in public employees. I would need to get my employees motivate and incentives to work and then a goal that would be tired into it for they would be able to work toward their goal. I will try to see if I could give them a raise for they will stay and provide security on the job. I will also show that I appreciate the hard work that the employees has put out. Something showing appreciate and give appraise it make the employees feel valuable. I will provide on the job training on professionalism and customer service, this would be a mandatory training that would be offer each year to make sure my employee would know how to handle a situation and always remain calm and professionalism at all time . I will use the merit system to place the employees in the correct area. I would take a look at the law suit and try find the common area the employees have with the City and I will have a mediation to listen to both side of the party and then I will figure out a plan for they could work things out, I will concern what the employees need and try to do it for the city would have a lawsuit, I will try work it out between the two parties. I would have assessment and human resource development, this would focus on the individual needs, which if the needs of employees is satisfied it would lead to enhanced productivity. I will provide diversity in the work place and to understand each culture or generation, each culture or generation who have the same oppournity and it would be base off the skill and work experience instead of the gender or color. Each person wh...

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...and it will give the people what they deserved or the category they should get pay. Also compensation would allow bonus to the employees who work hard for it. Performance management and employee relations is important issue, the management and the employee should be respectful and be able to get alone. Each person should be able to share their concern in a professional manner .The management should show appraisal to employee that is doing the job above their ability , and the employee who is a hard worker , the employee who go above and beyond. The management should provide formal training to their employees for they could know the chance and know how to perform their job efficiently. The management show have their employee to strive for their goal, it should goal –setting, for the employees to try reach their goal. The employee should be able to voice their opinion.

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