Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention Essay

Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention Essay

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Employee satisfaction is undoubtedly the best predictor of employee retention. A job environment consisting of good working relationships usually fosters employee satisfaction. Employees feel motivated as they believe that the company is appreciating their service and commitment. Job satisfaction results in employee retention. Employee retention could be defined as the length of time employees stay with the organization.
The purpose of this report is to brief the management on the importance of employee satisfaction in achieving the competitive goals of the organization through increasing the retention of the employees.

Description and background

As per preliminary analyses conducted with job satisfaction and anticipated job retention—it was concluded that the two were not correlated. (Cohen & Cohen, 1983). As per the results of this analysis, the prominent job satisfaction factors were:
• Less formal education;
• Positive perceptions of supervision
• Competence and autonomy based joins
Cross, W., & Wyman, P. A. (2006). Training and motivational factors as predictors of job satisfaction and anticipated job retention among implementers of a school-based prevention program. Journal of Primary Prevention, 27(2), 195-215.

Job retention was also recommended for people with chronic medical history of diseases. In a random experiment in which individuals in the group (with medical disorders) received a job retention intervention and persons in the control group received a minimal intervention. It was concluded that satisfaction with the job retention intervention was greater than that for minimal attention. Employment status was assessed at 6 month intervals up to 48 months .The log-rank test was used to detect a differ...

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...gsworth, C., Sāmbhar, R., Ball, M., & al, e. (2004) WORK CULTURE IN ASSISTED LIVING: KEY TO STAFF SATISFACTION AND RETENTION. The Gerontologist, 44(1), 593.
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