Joan of Arc Saved France from the English Essay

Joan of Arc Saved France from the English Essay

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One of my judges starts flipping through his papers, looking for another question. He looks up at me and asks me if St. Margaret spoke to me in English. I can’t help but laugh at him. “Why would she, when she isn’t on the English side?’ I have been going through these questions for weeks now and they haven’t been able to break me yet. “Did St. Michael appear to you as a naked man?” “Why do you think god can’t afford clothes for him?” this answer makes them angry. “During your second escape attempt you jumped out of a sixty foot tower. Why did you do this? Did your ‘saints’ tell you to jump to your death? That doesn’t sound very godly!” they have been trying to accuse me of following the devil, and not God this entire time. “I was wrong to jump out of the tower and my saints told me not to, but I have been forgiven.” The questions continue to be asked for many more hours. They ask me about my clothes, my saints, a tree in my hometown, but I don’t let it bother me. My saints are with me and I will prevail(Hilliam, 85-87).
In 1412, Jacques d’ Arc and Isabelle Romée had a daughter named Jeanne d’ Arc. This daughter is more commonly known as Joan of Arc (Paine, 2). Joan lived the very simple childhood of a peasant in France. She could not read or write, but she could spin and sew very well. She was also a good worker in the fields. She prayed more often than other children around her, but she did normal things as well, like playing with her friends. There was a tree in her town that grew near a ‘magical’ spring that gave the tree ‘magical’ properties that Joan and her friends played at (Hilliam, 14).
Joan was like every other girl up until she was sixteen. When she was sixteen a young man in her town wanted to marry her. Joan didn’...

... middle of paper ...

...d no military training, but when she got a message from God she answered it and showed no fear. She might not have been killed if she had disowned her saints but she didn’t change her beliefs no matter what. Joan of Arc was not only a hero, but an example of what regular people can do to become extraordinary. If you embrace your beliefs you can do anything.

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