Jewish House Of Worship : An Eye Opening Experience That Helped Me Open My Mind

Jewish House Of Worship : An Eye Opening Experience That Helped Me Open My Mind

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My visit to a Jewish House of Worship was an eye opening experience that helped me open my mind to other religions that were not in my spectrum of knowledge. The class as a whole has given me an insight to how my own religion (Roman Catholic) greatly differs to some religions yet connects in many ways with others. Due to the sharing of the Roman Catholic Old Testament or Hebrew Bible and great similarities regarding our history, I decided to attend the Washington Hebrew Congregation in 3935 Macomb Street NW, Washington, DC on Saturday March 12, 2016. The worship, which was a celebration of the Shabbat morning service, was lead by Rabbi Lustig and Cantor Bortnick during Saturday morning from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. The Rabbi was wearing was wearing a Tallit, which is considered a prayer shawl, a blue toga and a Kippa or a yarmulke covering the top of his head. Nevertheless, I learned that any service leaders can wear the same things and those garments are not solely reserved for the use of the rabbis since the some of the attendees wore the Kippa as well (and as a surprise to me some women were wearing the Kippa like cloth over their heads as well as well). The general attendees and the cantor wore suit and tie or a very formal outfit, Kippa and some also wore the Tallit (few women also used this since it is a reformist Jewish synagogue). As I arrived back home, I researched and found out that the tradition to wear a Kippa is not derived from any biblical passage but is rather a custom, which evolved as a sign of recognition that there is someone above who is constantly watching our acts. According to, the Talmud tells the story that a woman was told by astrologers that her son was destined to be a thief and therefore, ...

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...position of the Torah and how men come close to the Bimah to touch and kiss the Torah after it is raised by three different people. Regardless of my attempt, I could not look for the Torah to scroll up in the Bimah since it was hidden back in a closet-like structure and prohibited to the public.
As I mentioned throughout, I visited a Reformist Jewish Synagogue, which seems to be the most liberal of all the Jewish denominations. The most evident distinction is the interpretation of the Torah, since unlike the other denominations, they believe that it is a God-inspired and holy document, but accept that the Torah is rooted in the past and that sometimes its necessary to deceive from it. The synagogue is much less strict to enter, women and men are seated together, not all women have to wear a head covering and have a more free way to approaching the house of worship.

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