Essay On Nursing Home Experience

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Grandma’s Nursing Home Experience
It had been a cold, snowy day, just a few days after Thanksgiving. My grandmother became immensely ill and unable to care for herself. We knew she had health problems but her sudden turn for the worst was so unexpected and therefore we weren’t prepared for the decisions that had to be made and the guilt we would feel. Where would grandma live? Would she be taken care of? So many concerns floated around. A solution was finally found and one that was believed to be the best or so we thought.
It was a normal day, just like any other with the same daily routine and regular tactics. Grandma was at kidney dialysis, so my mom and I were enjoying some Chinese and watching TV. A few minutes later, my mom received an unexpected call from the nurse at dialysis. She explained that my grandma had had a stroke, and they had to call an ambulance.
“Hi, Tracy.This is Karen the nurse at dialysis,” she said.
“Hi, Karen. How are you?” my mom asked.
The expression on my mom’s face showed fear. I knew something was wrong by the way she looked so worried and confused.
“I’m doing alright. I just wanted to inform you that we had to call an ambulance for Betty. We believe she was suffering
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From my personal perspective, the environment appeared to be exceptionally calm and comfortable. When I first strolled through the doors, I noticed a bird cage that was built into the wall containing approximately 20-30 birds. I could hear them chirping down the hallway. The scenery was particularly relaxing. The building was very clean and smelled of flowers, which pushed me to believe this setting was suitable. By the time the paperwork was signed and she settled in, it was nearly 9 o’clock and time to leave. I noticed in her eyes that she was nervous about staying; my family and I were as well, but the nurses reassured us they would take appropriate care of her, and we felt they all

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