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After Jesus was baptized by John he spent time in the wilderness so he could learn from John and communicate better with his followers (Zealot 88, 89). Jesus’s conception about the Kingdom of God was extreme and his message would be revolutionary (Zealot 89). In John: 10 they refer to Jesus as being, “The great shepherd.” They referred to Jesus as the Great Shepard because he cared about people. If a pastor is unavailable to the people in his/her community then they failed to comprehend the shepherd heart of God. Jesus teached in the synagogues, talked about the gospel of the kingdom, and healed peoples diseases and hardships (Matthew 9:35-38). Unlike his predecessor John the Baptist, Jesus was a peasant and spoke like a peasant as well (Zealot 98). This made it easier for his followers to relate to him since he was not born from a scholar or a noble priest (Zealot 98). Jesus’s upbringing allowed him to value what was important and what was not important in life. He saw that not every constituent could pay for certain things so Jesus offered his healing services for free which went against the culture at that time (Zealot 103). Jesus also focused on the Kingdom of God and preached that one day the Kingdom of God would come to each one of them if they seek out the Kingdom of God (The Gospel of Mary). Jesus’s words were radical and allowed thousands of years of social tradition to become susceptible.
Jesus was able to come into towns, such as Capernaum, and turn the town into a place that focused on other cities that were around it. Jesus was able to focus on the Capernaum residents that were left behind from the new Galilean economy (Zealot 104). These residents were not well off, in fact they were on the e...

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...oes not state that Muhammad performed any miracles like Jesus did in the Bible but the Qur’an does credit him with a lot of wonders (Jindra). There are five pillars of Islam Muslims should abide by (Jindra). The followers of Muhammad do not worship him therefore they are called Muslims because it means their compliance to Allah (Yamauchi).
Overall there were many positives and negatives about Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. The one thing that I liked most about all three religions is that it brought people together. People were united over one of the religions and those religions are still practiced today. Zealot helped a lot when it came to writing this paper. Reza Aslan gave an interesting insight into Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. I liked writing this paper due to the intense research I had to do to find a lot of information on the given topics.

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