Jane Eyre: Brontë's Mother Affected Jane Essay

Jane Eyre: Brontë's Mother Affected Jane Essay

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Would a person describe the personality and acts of their mothers as loving or nurturing or quite possibly witty with her words? When one thinks of a Mother, be it their own or another, one would usually describe them as caring, affectionate, protective; however, with her mother having died when she was a young age of five, Charlotte Brontë never had the chance to understand how essential those traits were to a child and grew up under the care and teachings of her father; which was what helped lead to her strong and virtuous independence: the lack of a mother's love and guide.
When a child is born into this unpredictable world, led by a Fate that depends well on what and how one plays their lives, they are usually taken care of by the one and only guardian blessed with the soul inside them: their mothers. Granted, that some may not have wished to be one so early, they were given to do so; with supposed adoring hearts and unbound love and careful nurturing, the role of a Mother in a child's life is important - not belittling a Father's, of course - and no matter how different one mother treats their child compared to another, their love is something a child will never forget. Yet, sadly, Brontë herself never had the chance to experience such a thing like most - if not other - children had. Her kindhearted mother, Maria Branwell, passed away from cancer at the young age of thirty-eight in September, 1821 (Online-lit.) leaving her six children and husband, Patrick Brontë, in a lost state. Withal, Charlotte's father worked hard for their peaceful - albeit isolated - life as a curator in Thornton, their hometown, but later moved on to Haworth and was appointed Reverend. Being born in Victorian times and has fair - or even more in-dept...

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