Essay on James I influence in Shakespeare's Writing

Essay on James I influence in Shakespeare's Writing

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After the Christian conquest across Europe during the medieval period other beliefs were restricted. This period was very authoritarian but later the Renaissance unlocked opportunities to the imagination and the idea of supernatural started to bloom. Although, the supernatural is sometime mistaken with the gods of certain religions, believing in ghosts and witches was independent from the people chosen religion. The question of the existence of the supernatural, or something bigger than us, in 16th century Europe focused mainly on God from the Christian perspective. During this time other supernatural characters were brought to light, affecting the politics of the monarchies as it did during the rule of King James I in England. Shakespeare's use of the supernatural demonstrates his support for King James I and his beliefs in the extraordinary.
Through out history religion has been tied to politics since the beginning of history; what the ruler belief was the set religion for the state. However, England has always been more liberal than the rest of Europe as a result of their distance from mainland. This fact left them the opportunity to explore different ideals but by the Renaissance most England was already Catholic.
James from the Stuart House was the son of Henry VII and Mary Queen of Scots, who was executed by Elizabeth I because Mary supported the Catholics, England's enemies. After Queen Mary's death King James was raised as a Protestant and when he became old enough he was of age James VI, King of Scotland. Queen Elizabeth did not have any natural descendants, and James VI became James I of England after she died. The population hoped James would support the Catholics like his mother did, but this did not happen for his Pro...

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