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Jake Burton: Burton Snowboards When you think of snowboarding, more often than not, Burton is the first brand that comes to mind. The most popular brand in the world was made that way by one man: Jake Burton. His vision to make what was once thought of as a passing fad into the most popular extreme sport in the world was really incredible. The odds he overcame, from ski resorts not allowing snowboarders to cancer, are a real testament to his dedication and passion to pushing this sport, and lifestyle, to what it is today. In this paper I will discuss how he turned a wooden plank into an almost $1 billion a year company. A lot of people, especially people just getting into snowboarding, think that Jake Burton invented snowboarding. He did not. He just made snowboarding what it is today by innovating the Snurfer into what is now the modern snowboard. The most popular argument as to who and where snowboarding was invented is based in Muskegon, MI. Sherman Poppen, a businessman, was called upon his pregnant wife on Christmas in 1965 to get the kids out of the house. Not being able to find a sled for his 2 girls to use, he took two downhill skis and bound them together, hoping that they would use it as a sled. Instead, he found the two girls standing up and sliding down the sand dune behind their house. Within a year he had patented the toy and was picked up by Brunswick Corp. Over the next several years, Snurfing became really popular and many competitions popped up, including the Snurfing Championships at Blockhouse Hill behind Muskegon County Community College. In 1979, a young enthusiast came to town with a non-regulation board. This person was Jake Burton. The board is called the Burton Backhill. His board was a... ... middle of paper ... ...ories: Jake Burton Charts a New Course in Snowboarding.” Success. 15 April 2014 Pesch, Ron. “The Birth of a Sport. Snurfing 1965.” Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame. 15 April 2014 Carpenter, Donna. “Burton Girls.” Burton Girls. 23 March 2014. 15 April 2014 < http://burtongirls.burton.com/author/donna/> Lewis, Mike. “The Board Room: Jake Burton.” Transworld Business. 14 December 2011. 15 April 2014 “Jake Burton Shreds Cancer.” Fletcher Allen Health Care. Giving Newsletter Fall 2013. 15 April 2014

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