Jailhouse Lawyers & Prisoners Essay

Jailhouse Lawyers & Prisoners Essay

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Over the past years, it have been obvious, that jailhouse lawyers have increased the number of lawsuits filed by prisoners. In the year of 1980, prisoners filed 12,395 petitions of civil rights claims and in the year of 2000, prisoners filed 24,463 petitions of civil rights claims, in the Federal Courts, by State prisoners.(Mays & Winfree Jr, 2005, pp.304). Jailhouse lawyers have helped inmates file these petitions against the Federal Courts, in the favor of other inmates challenging their conditions of confinement. The conditions of their confinement seems to be, prisoners way for wanting to receive a sentence reduction, sometimes, a release from prison. On the other hand, prisoners tend to use jailhouse lawyers to file petitions that help them in disrupting these conditions of confinement, for prisons being overcrowding, having too many inmates in one cell, being incarcerated with other inmates that are infected with diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, medical attention, food, and security of the prisons. Although, prisoners choose to protest these conditions about prisons, the outcome of them having success in winning the petition of civil rights is rare, and inmates should just choose a different way at approaching these conditions, like, using paid attorneys, outside of prison, in helping them file their lawsuits because jailhouse lawyers may have some knowledge or some skills, (Dargan, Skoler, 1990),that get the petetions of civil rights claim filed but they don't actually get the clear and proper evidence or full affect of addressing the conditions which they are filing. When jailhouse lawyers, help other inmates with filing petitions of civil rights of claims, it reduce the prisoners abilities that they try to correct in sentence...

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