Jack Robinson : The Courage And Courage Of Jackie Robinson Essay example

Jack Robinson : The Courage And Courage Of Jackie Robinson Essay example

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Athletes waiver an uncanny amount of courage, by pushing their bodies to the test and showcasing themselves and abilities to the judgement of the public. Sports may come natural for many people, but having utmost character and bravery does not come easy to anyone. Undoubtedly, having both is a rare occasion. Being a prime example, Jackie Robinson used his natural born gifts of a strong character and personality, along with an unprecedented athletic ability. He fought for equality by dignity and hard work. Respectfully, he was one of the best in Major League baseball for his time, and sparked a Civil RIghts Movement while doing it.
Successfully, Jackie Robinson made many advancements in the civil rights movement, helping his people move forward, even before he became a professional baseball player. Consequently, Robinson often ran into problems with both the authority and others in the public. “...but this and other run-ins with the police earned him a reputation of being very combative against racial oppressions,” (McBirney, 1). Advocacy starting early, he quickly made it known that he was for equality and that many others should be. While serving in the military, Jackie Robinson also faced prejudice, for reasons that seem to illogically exist. “His military career was marred by racial problems.” (McBirney, 2). Robinson was told to sit in the back of a non-segregated bus. Reasonably, Robinson ignored and was taken into custody. Thankfully, Robinson was not charged, because quite frankly he didn’t do anything wrong. Promoting the equality of all races and the disintegration of racial oppression, Jackie Robinson began making impacts in light of civil rights even before he was a large source of influence.
In efforts to push Robins...

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...d bravery, Robinson opened the eyes of the public to see that black players had the same abilities as white players. This became a beginning spark for the fight of equality.
In conclusion, Jackie Robinson began the advancements for blacks in an untouched area: sports. He changed the way a majority saw the minorities and even some of the ideals and strategies used in baseball. His aggression in base running can be reflected in his rightful aggression in racial equality. “He paved the way for many future African-American and minority athletes. His career helped the upcoming Civil Rights Movement by giving Americans a heroic African-American sports figure to rally around.” (McBirney, 10). By bravery and courage, Jackie Robinson never caved under pressure and never gave up his highest hopes. With the sharpest focus, he zeroed in on the game, yet he changed a nation.

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