Essay about Items Of Interest : The Technical College System Of Georgia

Essay about Items Of Interest : The Technical College System Of Georgia

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Over 20 years’ Human Resources (HR) experience specializing in technical and complex compensation and retiree and employee health and life insurance and benefits administration
Extensive experience in Administering employee health & life ins plans, retirement programs, 457 deferred compensation and Section 125 plans; conducting new employee orientation and group presentations; and resolving claims disputes as needed
Expanded experience in PC operations and proficient in MicroSoft Office Suite including Email, Word, and Excel; GALIS; BANNER; Performance Matters; Angel; SchoolMAX; SAS; SPSS; and PeopleSoft

2014 - Current: Technical College System of Georgia
2/2015 – Current: Human Resources Coordinator, Gwinnett Technical College, Lawrenceville, GA.
Responsible for conducting employee new hire orientations, exit processing and providing information regarding retirement
Leave Administration - FMLA leave and Workers’ Compensation training, administration, compliance, and communication
Benefits Administration coordinating with Payroll - Supporting and administering the benefits and enrollment programs, enrollment communication, and training for all employees; administering benefit programs and ensuring eligible employee participation and payment of benefits; reviewing details with and enrolling staff in benefits programs; coordinating open enrollment processes and wellness fair
Assist with the processing of billing for benefit plans including monthly audits and reconciliations
Risk Management injury and accident claims administration including campus visitors and Worker’s Compensation
Retirement planning and processing - Oversee retirement and deferred compensation with vendors, faxing forms, and sche...

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...on (LOMA), Atlanta, GA.
Compensation and benefit consulting--research, develop and conduct four annual international compensation surveys covering executive, managerial, actuarial and clerical wage and incentive trends supervising one clerical employee and one summer intern; conduct benefits and ad hoc surveys
Author consulting articles for trade publications and marketing materials for consulting products

Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)
American Compensation Association
Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI), Level I
Doctorate of Education – Ed.D. (Currently pursuing)
Organizational Leadership – Organizational Development
Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ
Master of Education – M.Ed.
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Bachelor of Arts – Spanish Major/English Minor
Berry College, Mt. Berry, GA

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