It 's Life That Helps Mold Them Into The Adult Essay

It 's Life That Helps Mold Them Into The Adult Essay

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There are many things in one’s life that helps mold them into the adult they will soon be. Some events not only effect the happens to them at that very moment, but also what happens to them in the future. No memory or event is ever forgotten we just tend to push it in the back of our head so we won’t have to think about it. I can’t speak for everyone else, but that is exactly what I did.
My life hadn’t been a walk in the park, but it also wasn’t the worse life possible. My mother and Father divorced at the age of 3 so I kind of bounced around a little. Since my father was in the military I seen a lot, but me bouncing around started a habit. Every time my mom did something that I did not agree with even though it was for my benefit I would run to my dad. Anytime my dad did something I didn’t agree with I ran to my mom. This began to impact my grades, and the relationships I had with other people. This trend went on until I was eighteen years old and I finally made a decision.
After high school, I decided that I wanted to travel a little bit so I went over to Japan with my dad for a year. While I was over there I embarked on an unbelievable journey that I would never forget. From the culture to the scenery I fell in love with the beautiful, and simplicity of the Asian culture. Many people expect it to be just like they see on television when it is completely different. There are people of different heights, sizes, and shapes. The aroma of homemade ramen, sushi, and the best beef that you could ever have tasted fills the streets. To wake up and see the ocean when its, calm, and everyone enjoying the simplistic things in life. Whether it’s working in the rice field with loved ones, or sitting at the beach skipping rocks in the ocean...

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...tbreaking every time, but she did it with love and no hesitation.
After a couple of years his weight began to pick up he was doing much better. We were acting as a family again the love was brought back to a house that I wasn’t so certain could be brought back. As I laid in bed one night, and thought back over the past couple of years I found my passion, and passion I had all along. Caring for others. I’ve always been the type of person who thought about others before I thought about myself. Nursing came to mind. So now I start my journey to pathological disease because of a heartbreaking moment that made me want to reach my fullest potential.
Through all the experiences in my life I learned that life has many chapters. Some will because you pain, some will make you laugh, some will make you think, but every situation is a separate road to your final destination.

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