Parent Child Relationship

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The current relationship between the United States government and the American citizens is a “parent-child” relationship; where the government are the parents and the citizens are the children. The children give up certain rights to be protected and cared for by the parent. Citizens give up rights such as being able to make their own laws and rules, judging others, and creating their own form of rulership to have their basic rights of life, liberty, and property be protected by the government. This relationship is powerful, but like all “parent-child” relationships, the child often gets mad at the parent for being “unfair” or “too strict”; most of the time, however, the relationship works well and allows the people and government to smoothly coexist through a system…show more content…
In the government, the different branches check and balance their powers. Legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch passes the laws, and the judicial branch enforces the law. This system has worked for hundreds of years and once again, ensures the citizen 's rights are protected. We can relate this to parenthood; a child may ask their mom a question and the mom may simply say "ask your dad" or a dad may agree to a child 's request and say "make sure your mom is okay with it" to check and balance his decision. Returning, the social contract is an ideology that developed centuries ago. This contract is still very prominent in today’s society. When we are born and declared a “United States citizen” your rights are automatically protected by the government. As you age new forms of the social contract develop, for example, when a man approaches the age of 18 he can give up certain liberties, like voluntarily signing up for the military, to enroll into the draft. In return for signing up for the draft, he will be able to collect monetary, social security funds when he reaches a certain
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