Issues That Affect Healthcare Of The Increasing Number Of Elderly Individuals

Issues That Affect Healthcare Of The Increasing Number Of Elderly Individuals

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The rising healthcare cost as it relates to the aging population has become an urgent economic problem, but there are few programs in place that seem to address this problem. The number of elderly individuals is rapidly increasing and the problem of providing health care to them has become a critical issue that requires attention of policymakers and how it is handled. (Aoyagi, Y., & Shephard, R. J., 2011). This growing population has an increasing need for health care and related services. They will need emotional, educational, and financial resources that are not readily available to them. This paper will discuss major issues that affect healthcare of the increasing number of elderly individuals. The issues that will be discussed are: the limited cognitive capacity the elderly have to make concrete decisions, assuring that there are enough healthcare providers that are trained in geriatrics, and removing the financial barriers to accessing health care and medications for the elderly. (Bennett and Flaherty, 2010),
In an article written by Hanoch and Rice (2006) it was discussed that the elderly experience a decrease amount of cognitive ability and physical loss. This affects their decision making, especially as it relates to health care. “In recent years increasing interest has been focused on older people’s opportunities to choose between different care and service providers,” stated Berglund (2012). They tend to be sicker, have a multitude of health issues, and must make more decisions about their health and health care. The article continued by stating that the elderly is not as equipped to process certain information, which makes it makes much harder for them to make decisions than the average adult. This according to...

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...nnot not afford to be seen or don’t have access to proper healthcare, that makes it more difficult for them to live a healthier and longer life.
In conclusion, the elderly has the most issues when it comes to their health care in the United States. One issue they have with healthcare is that they are not able to make concrete decisions on their own. Next, they are being handled at their rehabilitation centers by nurses who do not have the proper training in geriatrics so they fear not being taken care of properly. Lastly, many older adults are unable to get the care they need or are afraid to go to the doctor because they may not be able to pay for their visit. These issues limit the health of elderly and they are the most sensitive part of the community and their issues should to be the most important when policy makers make healthcare decisions.

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