Persuasive Speech: Why Be an Organ Donor

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Specific Purpose Statement: to persuade General-purpose statement: to persuade my audience to become organ donors and sign up online Central Idea: my central idea are what organ donation is and how it works, arguments against organ donation and refutations, and how to become an organ donor and benefits of organ donation Good evening, everyone I want to start by doing a quick poll, just raise your hand once I asked the question. Has anyone here ever saved a life from ending? If a good portion say, “you can save even more people by becoming an organ donor.” If not a good portion say “who here will save someone’s life if it is as easy as writing two word?” You are all in luck. Becoming an organ donor, you are entitled to be able to say, “I will save a life”. The feeling of selflessly giving someone a second chance in life is incredible. You have the chance to do this by becoming an organ donor. Being an organ donor makes you a lifesaver before you even save someone’s life. My goal for tonight is to persuade you all to become organ donors if you’re not already one. I will ...

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