The Issues Facing The Pilgrims And The Wampanoags Essay

The Issues Facing The Pilgrims And The Wampanoags Essay

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Until recently the history of America 's first Thanksgiving was a cute animated cartoon in my mind. While little is known about the occurrence, the little we do know tells a tale of betrayal and misjudgment. The issues facing the pilgrims and the Wampanoags were primarily different cultural practices, language barriers, and religious bigotry. These differences caused tremendous consequences, which we can not only learn from, but also we can come to understand more about why there is still war and international crisis today.
I grew up in an ever changing world. The seasons changed, sometimes we had food, sometimes we did not. We often faced war and hatred from other tribes. Though we faced uncertainty at times we knew the stories of our ancestors, we had our home, religion, and families. We knew how to face the problems that arose.
Our culture is like a protective cave, as Plato described. We grow up with a particular way of thinking, perspectives, beliefs and practices. We feel comfortable around people who understand and think the way we do. This, while certainly not a bad thing, can cause issues when trying to identify with somebody from a different “cave”. We as humans reject change. It scares us. We learn how to deal with expected or predicable changes, but when a problem arises that we are unsure of, our defensive shields go up and we fight it. People are driven by their emotions so we can understand when the pilgrims wash up in Plymouth their determination to take root in that area stems from fear, disease, loss and a great need of stability. At this time, their intentions can only be seen as pure.
On the other hand, the Wampanoags and other Native tribes are scared, and rightfully so. There are people invading their...

... middle of paper ... needs and wants. Language is an ever imposing barrier on humanity and in this case prohibited them from being understanding with one another. Religion has been and ever present cultural obstacle in our world, this time it is no different. As the pilgrims sought to take away the rights of the Wampanoags the trust is lost and we are left with riots and impending war. Unfortunately, these things are not of the past. The feelings of not being understood, nations not being empathetic towards one another, and wars based on differences of religious beliefs still exist today. I think that what “this movie” portrays is important for us to understand today. We must learn to become a bi cultural people; the kind that is patient and enduring of others differences. The way we communicate is by listening to what other people have to say and striving to be an open minded person.

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