The Issues Facing The Former Soviet Union Essay

The Issues Facing The Former Soviet Union Essay

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The concepts of liberalism and neoliberalism are of importance when considering any type of international relations, especially a crisis of such magnitude as the conflict in Ukraine. The purpose of this paper will be to consider the current issues facing the former Soviet Union by first discussing theories of liberalism and neoliberalism, and then examining the history of the region, its leadership, and the events that have contributed to the current state of unrest to understand how the concepts of liberalism and neoliberalism have contributed to the rising conflict.

To truly get to the heart of the crisis and how liberalism or neoliberalism may have factored into the escalation of violence, we must take a deeper look at the meanings of these two theories of international politics in question. According to our text, liberalism is a term that has replaced idealism and subscribes to the notion that justice is a basic human right everyone should be entitled to. It acknowledges a common bond with all humans and strives for peaceful, cooperative, international organization and the resolution of conflicts through international relations and participation in cooperative international organizations like the UN (Rourke, 2008, p. 23). Neoliberalism, in contrast, acknowledges that conflicts arise from the competition of states in their self-interest, but contends that the organization of states is not as anarchistic as it appears due to the interconnectedness of states through global economic markets, trade, and social exchanges. The complex interdependence of nations calls for increased international law and organization to oversee the increasing ties between sovereign states through according to neoliberalism (Rourke, 2008, p. 24).


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...tatement from Timo Kivimäki, “The idea of conflicts being caused by a black-and-white setting of good guys and bad guys, as suggested by Neo-Liberal Institutionalism, has been very destructive as a knowledge-approach to conflicts” (2014). The reality of the situation is that the Ukrainian people are divided over joining the European Union, and a long history of political turmoil and economic strain (Klein, 2007) have created a very hostile and volatile climate where conflict is easily escalated. Shifting leaders and anti-protest laws and violence have pushed a nation to its breaking point and unfortunately the idea of a nation being strong only as a part of the world political and economic stage have caused many of the problems that exist there today and both liberal and neoliberal theories of international relations have had a hand in the events that have transpired.

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