Issue Relating to Violence Abuse Against Women and Children within Family

Issue Relating to Violence Abuse Against Women and Children within Family

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Issue relating to violence abuse against women and children within family

The issue that I am exploring
As increasing number of women are gaining more rights globally as well as their economic power. However, domestic violence, especially violence against both women and children from associated partner remaining a broad issue that need to be addressed. Public health studies indicated that a large number of people have the experience of witnessing varies degree of violence within the family. I believe that when speaking of family violence, there is a picture that comes out of our mind. It usually started with a quarrel between the parents, the husband and wife had some sort of disagreement, and the man gradually lost his patience and became mad. He may end up being aggressive and waving the fist, throwing stuff away. Certainly, none of us expects to see such scene and it is absolutely scary and horrible for both women and children. Domestic violence also associates extreme negative effects to the family unity and harmony. This is why I develop my research topic and my ultimate goal is to exam and understand the origin of domestic violence, further discuss impacts of family violence as well as some potential preventive techniques.

Why it does matter and how the issue impacts women’ health
According to a research conducted in Romania with 869 sample respondents (male and female) from age 18 to 75, 35% of respondents witnessed parental violence and 53.7% were victims of family violence. Psychological and physical abuse by men against women was the most common type of violence, accounted for 45.1%. Though from my perspective, the sample number is relatively small that may reduce the accuracy of the result, but surprisingly, the data...

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...s social status have been significantly promoted and more people believe in feminism. However, Domestic violence against women is still one of the heated issues regarding to women’s health worldwide. WHO even announced that not much evidence show a decline of violence opposed on women in recent year. Therefore, in my opinion, this is the issue that desperately needs a series course of action. As discussed above, violence against women are caused by several factors. The main one is economic condition; for example, whether women have adequate education will directly impact their responses to violence situation. In this sense, besides women’s efforts, the whole world, governments, women rights organizations should try to help them to receive better education. When both internal and external come to take effect, risk of domestic violence can be maximally mitigated.

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